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Before you start mass applying to vacancies and sending your CV off to recruitment agencies, it is important you focus on several stages of the job searching process. From identifying your key skills, to ensuring your application is perfectly tailored to the desired vacancy. Below is some advice that will help guide you through the job searching process.

Self Assessment

When deciding on the type of vacancy you are going to apply for you should carry out a self assessment about where your career skills, values and qualities lie. Once you have worked out your key skills you will be able to highlight them in your application and continue to promote them through to the Interview stages.

Role Identification

Working out your key skills will allow you to identify a vacancy that fits your self assessment. Ensure you research and review what the role will entail and whether you could see yourself carrying out the tasks required.

Gain the Skills for your Desired Job Role

Do you want to gain a new career but you don't have the right skill set to support the role? BritishJobs is offering a range of training courses that will enable you to learn, whilst still earning money in your current role. Whether it is a Diploma in Psychology or a Care skills Certificate we have a course that will suit you. Search career courses now!

Writing your CV

When writing your CV you should use all the points that you identified from the self assessment, including an accompanying cover letter specifically explaining why you are suitable for the vacancy. To receive further advice visit our CV tips now.

Using Job Sites

Using job sites is a fantastic method of searching for your new vacancy as it allows quick searching and narrowing down the type of role that you are interested in. Vacancies are displayed in terms of relevance and location, with the date of posting clearly shown.

Attending the Interviews

If your CV application is successful, you will be invited to an interview or even a second interview for the role. Prepare for this by researching the role extensively and maybe even preparing a couple of potential answers to questions that you could be asked.


If you are unsuccessful in your application try and maintain a positive approach and outlook. Even contact the employer or recruitment agency for feedback, so that you are less likely to make the same mistakes in the future.

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